Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tee Shirts and Jellyfish

So its been awhile since my last post. But I have not been idle. I have been working on converting some of my illustrations to tee-shirt format. Finally, all those random, seemingly pointless side projects are being put to good use! And now there is more than 2 things to look at in my shop. I wanted to feature some of my illustrations here, 1) so shoppers can see larger images of the more recent designs without "SAMPLE" plastered across the front, and 2) give some explanations and thoughts behind the designs.

Lets start out with the Jellyfish. I have TWO jellyfish designs in my shop right now! I've had a strange fascination with sea life recently, which probably has to do with the beautiful photography I saw in some old National Geographics not too long ago. Jellyfish and octopi in particular have been catching my interest. The funny thing is, jellyfish scare the CRAP out of me. I have always had a fear of meeting one (or several) in the ocean. But they are truly unique creatures and make for some very interesting art because of their varying shapes, colors, and forms. I have an octopus sketch that in my notebook that I have been meaning to put into Illustrator for some time now. I hope to do that soon :-) I'm also hoping that one of these days when I find time that I will post a jellyfish illustration tutorial. Keep an eye out for that.
(make sure to click on the image for a larger view)

This next illustration I started awhile ago in the depths of cold rainy/snowing March. I put it down for some time and then finished it last week. When I started, I was longing for some sunshine. When I think of bright rays of light, I think of a summer morning. And a summer morning, to me, will always mean the sound of my rooster crowing outside of my window. Childhood nostalgia if you will.
I gave the type a 70's retro feel for a little more pop, and of course the line is that of a Beatles song. I thought it was fitting.

As always, I shall keep pouring the contents of my random brain out in to the world. Who knows what form that will take next.... Until next time, peace!